Stefan Riehl

Hey, I'm Stefan Riehl,

Digital Consultant and SW Developer

I ran a consultancy that helps small and large businesses to turn their great ideas into digital systems, products and services. With more than 20 years experience in SW Development, Project Management and Interim Management (as CTO and COO). No matter if you run small or large and complex projects, I support you and your team to implement successful services.

# Services
Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, SEO Optimization, Tracking & Analysis, IT Development
Application, Website & API Development with Laravel + Lumen, REST, GraphQL, TailwindCSS and Bootstrap. Cloud-based or Self-hosted.
Interim Management
As COO, CTO and Consultant; Project Management, Team Lead or StartUp Support
# Projects
Just a small selection of projects I love(d) to work on.
Side Project
Currently working on a secret side project called Gemz Guard.

Architect, Backend + Frontend Developer

Laravel, PHP7, MySql, Webservices, Security, CI/CD

2018 - 2019
Insurance, Broker Management Company
SaaS Platform for GDPR conform high secure communication between 2-n parties for insurance companies. It's like WhatsApp for enterprises, but highly secure and only webbased.

Team Lead, Architect, Backend Developer

Laravel, PHP7, Webservices, Security, Docker, CI/CD

2016 - 2019
API Product Development
Developed various high performance and secure API Microservices. Stream API: Receiving millions of events with a schema less data structure. Similar to; File API: File storage handling with encryption at rest, virus scan, and image manipulation; File delivery for time based access with signature; Decision Engine API: making decisions based upon predefined complex rules; Usage of Machine Learning CART algorithms; Audio API: generating complex audio files by concatenation; Video API: generating complex personalized video files; Messaging API: send messages through different channels (SMS, Email) by various providers (Mailgun, Sendgrid); User Management API: configure the base system with users, groups, roles, permissions, etc.

Team Lead, Architect (Infrastructure, SW, DB), Backend Developer

Laravel, PHP7, Webservices, Docker, IBM Cloud, Gridscale, Redis, Mysql, MongoDB, Queues, Security, ML, CI/CD

2016 - 2017
Internal Application
Building an internal service portal with account management, project management, time reporting, invoices, cost management, and so on

Architect, Backend + Frontend Developer

Laravel, PHP7, Mysql, Queues, Redis

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